The Sherig Lyonpo's visit (19/10/2017)

The Sherig Lyonpo's visit

Honourable Minister for Education made a visit to the school on 17th October.

We presented our School Museum, inaugurated the newly constructed MPH, had meeting with the students, teachers of Chokor geog and Principals.
The drama, ' Television Madness' marked the last Dzongkhag and the last school visit of His Excellency.His Excellency engaged and mesmerized students' attention by his sense of humour meaningfully packed with values. The audience taste was well taken care. The children truly were moved when His Excellency shared about the movie script writing. They applauded in between.

Talking to teachers he shared the reforms in education. His Excellency shared the importance of teachers, curriculum and infrastructures. HisExcellency patiently listened to every grievance and concerns of teachers and responded accordingly.

Meeting with the Principals and Vice Principals, His Excellency shared the power point presentation on ' Leadership Matters' We were made to reflect on our conducts and assess ourselves. Leadership matters a lot. The tone of the school is set by the leaders.

The school would like to sincerely thank Your Excellency for your visit and inspiring us to work harder. May Your Excellency fulfil your dreams in making the Bhutanese Education System an exemplary one in the world.

Jakar Higher Secondary School

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