Historical Tour (01/11/2017)

Historical Tour

As a part of class XI textbookless, the students under the coordination of Mr Phub Dorji went to Ogyencholing Museum, Tang. 
We had audience with Aum Kunzang Choden. She was very kind to welcome and orient us on the background of the Museum.Thank you very much though Aum was very busy attending guests.
Next we visited Rimochen lhakhang which is said to be where Pema Lingpa discovered treasures. It was where Guru Rinpoche visited too.
Third we visited Babzur Chukpo's Mansion Heritage House.It is quite surprising to see more than 30 doors in a house. It has lots of antiques to showcase.
The students might have fulfilled the purpose of visiting the historical places. 
Such exposure shall undoubtedly enable students to gather information to learn better.

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