The Graduation Night: Words fade, memories cling (05/11/2017)

The Graduation Night: Words fade, memories cling.

The Councillors of class XI on behalf of students body took pride to organize the Graduation Night yesterday.
It was all conducted by the students which was beyond our expectation. They really exhibited leadership moments.
We saw 144 class XII students receiving khadars: honouring them.There was creation of darkness in light. Cultural programmes with creative items added beauty to it.The magnitude of the program soared and the emotions overflowed unconditionally.

The heart touching moment was when one student genuinely asked forgiveness to a teacher by bowing and hugging him. It truly melted our hearts too. It moved us to tears. It was a moment to cherish and etch in our hearts. The school administration admired the glorifying and mesmerizing program under the care of the councillors. If children are given opportunities, they will prove themselves.

Jakar Higher Secondary School

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