8.    Short Leave for Students (Homes or to hospitals)
a.  Spend in the school involving in a variety of educational programs provided. 
b.  Do not take leave right after the assembly or during the first period.
c.  Hospital leaves shall only be after 2nd period and must get approval from the concerned coordinator.
d.  The guardian or the parent mentioned in form No. 2 has the right to ask leave or decide matters on your behalf.
e.  Do not take leave for trivial reason.
f.  Do not leave the campus during lunch breaks.
g.  The signature on your form shall indicate an approval from the concerned staffs.
h.  Money orders or any banking works if possible shall be done by the school.
i.  Upon returning, you must report to the office with any documents you have.

8.1. Day scholars Leave
a.  If you are sick , do not come to the school; ask your parents or guardians to inform the school  personally or by phone or if not  if any staff authenticates the reason it shall be accepted, however the formalities.
b.  For quicker approval, accompany your guardian or if not, leave shall also be granted if the office receives any letter or fax.
c.  Leave to go homes for longer duration, your guardian or parent must personally come to get your leave sanctioned.
d.  Applications and phone calls shall not be accepted unless the school is satisfied with the caller identity.
e.  You shall not be allowed to go to hospital unless you are seriously sick; the school shall call your parents or reach you to the hospital.

8. 2. Boarders Leave
a.  Leave for longer duration to go out of the station shall be granted upon the request of your parent or guardian; should any problem arise, the leave seeker shall be held responsible.
b.  An application written and signed by the guardian addressed to the principal shall be submitted to the warden/matron for recommendation and only on the recommendation; the leave
may or may not be sanctioned.
c.  Be in proper attire while going on leaves or to towns.
d.  Warden and matron shall authenticate the sickness for boarders.
e.  Do not leave the campus, hostel, or school without the permission of the warden/matron or the school authority.
f.  Sunday weekend leaves shall be alternatively for boys and girls after lunch and return before evening prayer.
g.  Return time and date shall be intimated on the  leave out pass form.
h.  Warden/ matron shall check for your adherence to the reporting date and time.
i.  Short leaves for an hour or two to go to towns shall be granted by the warden or matron.
j.  Running away from the hostels any time without the permission is a serious offence.

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