7 Examination and Assessment Policy
For IX and X apart from the terminal examinations will be assessed in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for Dzongkha and English. For mathematics, you will be assessed in unit tests, home works, and performance task. For other subjects, you will be assessed from classworks, home works and project works.  Some marks will also be accredited from the regular class tests.
For XI and XII apart from the terminal examinations certain marks will be accredited from class Works, Home Works, project Works and the class tests.

For promotion to classes X and XII:
40% weighting is given to the midterm and 60 % from the an-
nual. For a clear pass, a student must at least obtain a minimum of 40% in 5 subjects for classes IX and 4 subjects in class XI.  In the failed subject a minimum of 25% should be obtained to get promotion to the next higher grade. Pass percentage for all the classes and subject is 40%.

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